My Pillow Reviews 2021

Ventilated Sleeping PillowsAfter a busy day, you lie on your bed, you want to fall asleep and relieve your tiredness and wake up to the next day with a good quality sleep. We understand you very well. Unfortunately, many people are unable to realize the “quality sleep” part of this dream. You ask why? Because your sleep quality is affected by many factors. A good pillow should support your spine in the right position. Sleeping on a comfortable pillow that supports the head and neck area contributes to feeling vigorous when you wake up in the morning. In fact, the reason you snore at night may be your wrong pillow selection. The most important issue in pillow selection: Sleeping position. There is another very important issue that should not be forgotten when choosing a pillow: Sleeping positions. You can be sure that you will sleep better and feel better with our pillow recommendations that will provide the best support for your neck and head according to your sleeping position. Best pillow for side sleepers, don’t forget the pillow height. My Pillow Reviews 2021…

My Pillow Reviews 2021

Perhaps most of us prefer to sleep this way. According to the researches, we can say that approximately 80% of us sleep on their side. If you also love to sleep on the side, keep in mind that the trick is shoulder height when looking for the perfect pillow for yourself. The important point here is to choose a high or medium-high pillow depending on the shoulder height. A low pillow should not be preferred since the head and neck will slope downward. You can review my pillows, which we can recommend for side sleepers, in detail below and order them instantly. Ergomagic pillow with adjustable height and actively balances heat and humidity. If you want to stay away from naturalness, the linen pillow with linen filling is just for you. If you prefer medium softness and want to experience the wonderful burial feeling of goose down, you can take a look at the Neptune model pillow.

Soft pillow for prone sleepers. Soft pillow is the right choice for those who like to sleep in this sleeping position. It allows your head to be embedded in the pillow and supports your head and neck area with your spine. All you have to do is have a healthy sleep. If you usually sleep face down, you can take a look at the Tempur Ombracio Pillow that allows you to breathe comfortably and supports your neck, or even order online. Firm and medium soft pillow for back sleepers. Those who like to sleep in this way should prefer hard and medium soft pillows, but more importantly, there will be low or medium-height pillows that fully support the neck curve. High pillows will cause the spine to be out of position. If you enjoy sleeping on your back, a hard and medium soft pillow will add pleasure to your pleasure.


1-2-Pack Cooling Bed Pillows for Sleeping – Adjustable Gel Shredded Memory Foam Pillow8,777
2-Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow42,349
3-Set of Two 100% Cotton Hotel Down-Alternative Made in USA Pillows8,800
4-SUMITU Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack Standard Size 20 x 26 Inches19,684
5-Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow (2-Pack) Premium Quality Bed Pillows50,160

My Pillow Reviews 2021 – Is My Pillow Any Good?

The material inside the pillow is as important as your personal preference and fit to your body. It differs according to the feeling that the pillow will give the filling material. Visco material has a supportive structure suitable for the curves of the neck. It would be more appropriate for people with allergies to choose materials such as visco and Tempur instead of natural materials. Synthetic-polyester fiber pillows, which are generally hypoallergenic, are a more cost-effective option and can also be machine washed. Feeling supportive; You can find it in visco, gel visco, latex and filling materials with Tempur content. However, the quality of the Visco material is also very important. When the material used in its content is a poor quality material, you may not be satisfied with visco pillows if you have perspiration problems. You should either choose a quality visco pillow with a good cell structure or stay away from visco pillows. If you have sweating problem and you are more comfortable with visco material style pillows, the Anatomic Latex Pillow is best pillow for you. 

Pillows with natural filling material that provide air circulation prevent perspiration and provide a natural comfort. Thanks to its quick drying feature, they do not smell. For example; You can examine our natural material pillows such as cotton pillows, bamboo pillows, goose down pillows and order them immediately. The lackluster and flatness of the pillow means that it does not hold air and is not ideal for providing comfortable support. To test the fluff of a pillow, fold the pillow in half and see if it opens alone. Check for puffiness. If it doesn’t bulge on its own, you may have to look for a new pillow.



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Question and Answer – My Pillow Reviews 2021

1. How important is bouncy for a pillow?

The pillow’s mediocre appearance and flatness indicate that it does not contain air and is therefore unsuitable for providing comfortable support. Fold a pillow in half to see if it opens on its own to measure its fluff. Examine for puffiness. You may need to get a new pillow if it doesn’t bulge on its own.

2. What is the significance of pillow filling materials?

Pillow fillers come in both synthetic and natural varieties. In my view, natural-filled pillows are superior to synthetic-filled pillows. These are the ones that I use as a cushion. People with allergies, on the other hand, may not be able to use natural filled pillows. 

3. What makes a pillow feel good?

It should be used to reinforce the collar of our neck as well as two distinct curves. The head should be slightly forward and the neck should not be gaping while lying back. The pillow should be the same width as the shoulders, and the shoulders should be slightly closer to the pillow’s edge.

4. Can we want a pillow that is firm and tall?

If you’re lying on your side, a stiffer and higher pillow will help your spine retain its ‘S’ form. It can take some time to adapt to a firmer pillow. As a result, to get used to the new pillow shape, try a high pillow packed with natural materials like bamboo.

5. Is it costly to find comfortable pillows that are tailored to our specific requirements?

Pillows come with a wide variety of price points. What counts is that you have a good understanding of the type of pillow you like. You have the choice of choosing the pillow that best meets your requirements and budget.



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